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Matt Downer

Matt Downer

30+ year Silicon Valley Tech executive turned "homeless" philanthropist. In July of 2019 Matt Downer aka GuyOnTheRanch retired from the silicon valley life and the word he has always known to live off-grid, protect our beautiful rural habitats, to save animals by giving them a place of love and freedom while exposing human a better way of life by co-existing in harmony. During this wild journey his life documentary began covering his entire wild and interesting life filled with limitless ups and downs. From this journey he found a new passion, purpose and a way to sustain it while teaching others and helping them find their ikigai. The

ikigai intentional community was born to facilitate that very purpose open to all who come in a good way.
ikigai Sanctuary comprises a team of qualified and experienced team of ecologists, project managers, zoologists and botanists, educators, medical, and other professionals.