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ikigai Sanctuary

January 29, 2023January 29, 2023

While we work to launch our website, Please see below how to reach the correct contact. For ikigai Sanctuary business or animal related matters, including intakes call +1 559-712-7696 For campground call +1 559-425-8696. For immediate bookings call +1 559-550-4608

Alternative Energy Micro-Grid Stage One

Alternative Energy Micro-Grid Stage One

Camp ikigai Animal Sanctuary Microgrid. We have completed the initial victron micro-grid for the communal area of the property. This mico-grid runs the 3 tiny cabins, communal clubhouse, the pool wifi and more. We are plan to increase this system to a Victron Quattro 10k after our fundraising campaign reaches it’s goal to go more...